Bratty Step Daughter – S2:E3

Arya Fae is a trashy coed whose stepdad is sick of her antics. When Marcus London decides to teach his stepdaughter a lesson, Arya fights back. She throws things on the ground, and when she threatens to smash dishes Marcus throws her over his shoulder and spanks her ass through her miniskirt. That’s when Arya realizes that Marcus is getting horny spanking her and takes her opportunity to turn the tables.Pulling out Marcus’s hardon, Arya laps her way up and down his stiff rod. Using her hands to stroke and her mouth to suck, she melts away any objection her stepdad may have. When she knows she has Marcus right where she wants him, she pushes him back onto the bed and climbs on to ride his stiffie with her slippery fuck hole.When Arya goes back to work with her mouth, Marcus fully surrenders and tries to take back a bit of control. He urges Arya onto the bed so he can feast on her creamy snatch and then slide into her tight twat and start pounding away. Flipping her onto her knees, he takes her doggy style for both of their total pleasure. As he feels his climax upon him, Marcus pulls out so that he can cum all over Arya’s lush bottom in a final show of dominance.

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